Multiverse Role-Playing Games as an Educational Discipline

Multiverse Role-Playing Games as an Educational Discipline

The article discusses the effects of using RPGs in order to submerge yourself in the multiverse and learn through risks and overcome trials. In my opinion, RPGs are like Alice in Wonderland, in which the players get to explore and understand a new world along with the experiences that come with it.

The ability to interact with different possibilities is what makes RPGs engaging and attractive. It has the capability to change people’s perspectives as an educational discipline. RPGs can enhance one’s planning and strategy skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking. This is advantageous for youths who are unable to pay attention to their educators and parents who have trouble making them pay attention.

An example would be Genshin Impact, an open-world action RPG game that was released on September 28, 2020 and continues to be extremely popular today with over 9 million players. It is a game where you play as a Traveler from another world in search of your missing sibling around the world of Teyvat. You can switch between 4 characters with elemental abilities in your party and fight enemies. Some enemies require prior planning for a strategy before fighting against them since there’s a possibility they may be immune or highly resistant to certain elements the characters in your party have. At times, you also have to fight against time. Genshin Impact also comes with mind-numbing puzzles that you are to solve requiring utmost critical thinking in order to continue on your journey in exploring the world.

Throughout your journey as Traveler, you will end up dying a few times and learn from that experience how you should change accordingly to the situation. Since Teyvat has 7 nations based on existing countries in real life, players can also learn about culture at the same time. For example, the nation of Monstadt represents Germany, Liyue represents China, Inazuma represents Japan, Snezhnaya represents Russia, Fontaine represents France. The yet-to-be-explored nation of Sumeru is speculated to represent Egypt and Natlan to be Indigenous America.

With how big the player base is and the adventure, action, and skills needed, serve as proof that RPGs can be used as an educational discipline.


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